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(5:37 PM) The government decides to strengthen the scope of activities of the Judicial Police | AL WIHDA, CHAD

(5:28 PM) Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye vs Serigne Mbaye Thiam: Young socialists dissociate themselves from Mame Bounama Sall | LE QUITIDIEN, SENEGAL

(5:20 PM) Embassies in Cambodia reaffirm commitment to the Paris Peace Agreements | KHMER TIMES, CAMBODIA

(5:15 PM) Assad’s Assault on Idleb’s Schools | THE SYRIAN OBSERVER, SYRIA

(5:11 PM) Too early to say if partial lockdown is working, prime minister says | DUTCH NEWS, THE NETHERLANDS

(5:07 PM) Electoral body will implement smart video surveillance for the 2021 elections | ECUADOR TIMES, ECUADOR

(4:58 PM) The latest official alliance reflects the fragmentation of political power | PRENSA LIBRE, GUATEMALA

President Lungu concerned with projects which have not yet finished in Mwense District | LUSAKA TIMES, ZAMBIA

Kazakh President Chairs First Meeting of Supreme Council Dedicated to Reforms | THE ASTANA TIMES, KAZAKHSTAN

A tale of two Chiles; a referendum on constitutional reform | THE SANTIAGO TIMES, CHILE

Uladi Mussa jailed for five years | THE TIMES, MALAWI

Romanian diplomat elected executive director of the European Labour Authority | ROMANIA INSIDER, ROMANIA

“The Army has fully taken control of Farabougou” according to Vice-President Goïta | L’ESSOR, MALI

Elections Of November 22: Strengths And Weaknesses Of The File According To Experts | PAALGA OBSERVER, BURKINA FASO

All NIC offices will be closed to the public until further notice | DAILY MIRROR, SRI LANKA

The 3rd Term That Ignites! | THE SAHEL, NIGER

Farouq Sensitizes Citizens On Fire Reduction Risk Management | LEADERSHIP, NIGERIA

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